Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week of Sadness

This has been a very sad week. On Monday, August 18th, my aunt Mickie died. I was not able to make the trip to Kansas City because of my weakened immune system. Then on Wednesday, August 20th, I received word that my aunt Mary in California was nearing the end. On Thursday evening I received yet another call with bad news after my aunt Mickie’s wake. My cousin Marty and her husband (from Georgia) were on their way to California to be with her mother when she received a call that one of her sons died suddenly – he was 39. Our whole family is so saddened right now.

No matter how mentally prepared you think you are, when your hair starts falling out (as it did on Thursday morning) it is devastating. I had it cut really short before my surgery because I new that day would come soon and I thought that if it was short it would make it easier – it didn’t! Through the tears I cut it all off last night, the 22nd.
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