Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Appointment with General Surgeon

More good news – I met with a surgeon today, November 19th, about the breast biopsy. He said that he was very sure that it was not malignant. He did a breast exam and felt nothing – no lumps – no bumps. He drew me a diagram of what a breast malignancy should look like and then he drew a diagram of my three spots and they looked nothing alike. In fact, he advised against doing the needle biopsy, or surgery, for at least 6 months, preferably 9-12 months out. Because of the blood clots I am on blood thinners. He said that they would have to take me off the blood thinners for at least a week – and wouldn’t it be a shame if I died from a blood clot in my lungs and it was not malignant. He also said that if I were his sister he would advise against doing anything at the present time. He said, “You have been through enough the last four months. Take some time off and enjoy Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays, and do something fun for awhile.” I am going to take his advice and not worry about it.

God is good – all the time! He answers prayers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6th & Last Chemo Therapy Treatment

Today, November 18th, I met with my oncologist, however I did not have my chemo treatment. A couple of weeks ago I made a decision, after much prayer, that I was not going to continue treatment. After much discussion about the numbness in my feet and starting in my hands, he was in agreement with me, not to do the last chemo treatment. He does want me to meet with the oncology radiologist and at least hear what he has to say. I agreed that I would keep my appointment on December 9th and I will listen but will make no promises to do radiation – I have always been against radiation.

The good news – the ultrasound on my thyroid showed no nodules and everything looks good.

I have an appointment on Wednesday, November 19th with a surgeon to see what we are going to do about the spots they found on my right breast. I will let him decide if we do the needle biopsies first or go straight for surgery. My choice – surgery. Let’s just get it out. If it is not malignant now it probably will be in the near future. If it is malignant there will be no more chemo so he better get clear margins.

I have heard that cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body, only in an acid body. I have been reading and researching the diet and it is not going to be easy but I am going to give it a try. It certainly can’t hurt anything.

I am starting to feel really good and I am at peace with the decisions that I have made. I am looking forward to a more normal life for the days that I have left which may be 2 years or 4 years – only God knows. From research most people, with my kind of cancer do not live longer than that (with or without treatment). My surgeon had already told me that my cancer cannot be cured and it will return. My oncologist did not dispute that.

My oncologist will support my decisions and I will meet back with him in January to see how things are going and he will schedule another PET scan at that time.