Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Appointment with General Surgeon

More good news – I met with a surgeon today, November 19th, about the breast biopsy. He said that he was very sure that it was not malignant. He did a breast exam and felt nothing – no lumps – no bumps. He drew me a diagram of what a breast malignancy should look like and then he drew a diagram of my three spots and they looked nothing alike. In fact, he advised against doing the needle biopsy, or surgery, for at least 6 months, preferably 9-12 months out. Because of the blood clots I am on blood thinners. He said that they would have to take me off the blood thinners for at least a week – and wouldn’t it be a shame if I died from a blood clot in my lungs and it was not malignant. He also said that if I were his sister he would advise against doing anything at the present time. He said, “You have been through enough the last four months. Take some time off and enjoy Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays, and do something fun for awhile.” I am going to take his advice and not worry about it.

God is good – all the time! He answers prayers!
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