Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trip to the Chiropracter

I have been having problems with my left hip and decided I needed to see a Chiropracter. This is probably another side effect of the chemo treatments because I spent so much time in bed. It seems to be the muscles and they need to be strengthened. He has given me several suggestions of how to handle the pain and eventually delete the pain all together. It only hurts when I am standing for any period of time and the hip compacts.

He gave me quite the compliment. He had read some of my medical history before I arrived and he was expecting to see a sickly old woman because of all that I had been through. He said that I looked really good and not sick at all - and I don't feel sick.

This is only my 3rd week at the Y and already I am feeling much stronger. In fact, I walked a mile, at my favorite lake, twice this week and I did a mile on the exercise bike at the Y. I was not sure that I could do the walking because of the neuropathy in my feet, but I think I am getting used to it now - I knew I would eventually.

For those of you not in CO it has been in the 60's this week - absolutely beautiful for the middle of January.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Appointment with Oncologist

My appointment with the oncologist has been changed to February 24th. It is just a follow-up appointment and since I am feeling pretty good I can wait another month to see him.

My CA125 was 154 after my surgery. The standard range is <=34- u/ml. On November 17th it had gone down to 16 - this was after 5 chemo therapy treatments. On January 8th it is down to 14. This is such exciting news. My oncology nurse was also excited when she called. She said that her calls so often involve bad news that this made her day to be able to deliver good news.

If God willing, it will be even lower the next time I get it tested. I will keep praying for a miracle.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Appointment with Pelvic Surgeon

I met with my surgeon today, January 8th, and he said that I was healing well. He also said that I responded (the cancer) to the chemo better than expected. He mentioned the radiation and that he knew I had turned it down, I agreed and he made no further comments about it.

He wanted to know about my energy level and was pleased to hear how well I am actually feeling and getting back into the swing of things. I told him that since I cannot walk with my feet in this condition I had joined the Y, and that I do aqua-aerobics and silver-sneekers (low impact exercise) at least four times a week. I am sure that this will help with my stamina as well as my balance - which is not great because of neuropathy in my feet.

With a smile on his face he asked if my hair was coming back in yet. Yes it is, but this is going to be a very slow process. They say 1/4 inch per month and that is true so far. I have two wigs and I always wear one of them when going out in public, however at home - I take it off. My eyebrows and eyelashes are coming back also.

He was very pleased that my CA125 had gone from 154 to 16 the last time it was tested in October. He said that it was not a sure-fire test but that it was a good indicator about what was going on. He ordered another one and the results should be back by the time I meet with my oncologist on Monday.

I will be seen by him every three months and have my next appointment in April. He suggested six months for a PET scan.