Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Appointment with Oncologist

I saw my oncologist on the 24th and he was very pleased that I was doing so well. He has ordered another PET scan. Since he knows my wishes about future treatment he wanted to know if I wanted to know the results or just wait it out to see what happens - if the cancer is growing - if it has localized to one area, etc. He is a little concerned about my lungs since I have an unexplained cough, but he said they sound okay. I told him that I want to know what is going on each step of the way. He said that if I changed my mind about chemo or radiation - or not - he would support my decision.

He was very pleased that I am losing weight and that I go to the Y four times a week. My blood pressure was really low and I asked him about it. He wanted to know if I was light-headed or tired - yes to both! He said that it looked like my new program was working (the Y and WW) and that I may need to alter my BP medication. He wanted to do 1/2 a pill/day and then said not to take them at all. Each day that I did not take my BP pill my blood pressure went up a little. On the third day it was obvious that I cannot go off my medication. I don't think I need the full strength but I do need something. I just have to get it figured out. It is a good thing that I told him that I would monitor it at home - I have a BP kit. So far it is all over the place.

The next step will be the PET scan. I am feeling very positive about it and a little nervous at the same time. I still need lots of prayer.
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