Thursday, April 23, 2009

The climb may be steep but the reward... ~Monumental

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster. Things started moving very, very fast once the decisions were made and the calls made. My house is on the market as a "short sale" in order for me not to keep making the payments on it.

I have a friend who works for Mercy Housing and she gave me a tip on a facility where I could go in as an independent resident and then as my cancer progresses I can change buildings to assisted living and stay within the same system. I just knew that they would have a long waiting list – I was wrong. They had an apartment, one bedroom-one bath, available immediately. It is small but it will be much easier for me to take care of. It is on the 15th floor, corner apartment, so it is a little larger than most in the building. The view is magnificent – Sloan Lake and a full view of the mountains – couldn’t ask for more. I will lose my garage but I can live with it. It is very possible that I will be moving the 1st of May. Wow! That is only a week away. I am already worn out so this is going to be a real challenge. I have been packing for a garage sale tomorrow, the 24th. I know that my pastor and others in my church will make sure the move goes smoothly. So much to do – but I am not complaining.

A friend of mine sent me the most beautiful, powerful message that I have read in a long time. Please click on it and read for yourself, it is worth it. Click here: He Is God Thank you Jolene.

More later!
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