Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ways to cope with cancer

Faith, trust, laughter, prayer, sharing, positive attitude and hope are just some of the ways to cope with cancer. And, here are just a few more from the American Cancer Society.

Eat: Listen to what your body wants and needs.
Talk: Talk to anyone about anything you are feeling whether it be your friends, family, nurses, pastors or even a support group.
Keep a journal: Go out and buy yourself a good journal or find one online. (I chose this blog.)
Hugs: Hugs give us the sense of safety that when we are being hugged, nothing can seem to harm us.
Relaxation: Make time for yourself throughout the treatments.
Do whatever you want: Try to get as much normalcy into your limited life.
Ask Questions: Ask your doctors any question you may have about your cancer, chemotherapy, symptoms and limitations.
Exercise: Finding a type of exercise is a good idea.
Cry: Yes I said it, cry. Not all the time, but when you feel the need to cry go ahead and just let it out.

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