Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ladybug, Ladybug

For some it was fun and for others it was not so much. This was the summer of the ladybug invasion in Jefferson County in Colorado. I live on the 15th floor and I would never have expected to have my picture window covered with ladybugs - between 25-50 at any given time, with many, many more just flying around. I found this to be a mystery and a friend started investigating and found that the ladybugs had invaded Colorado. A couple of weeks ago when I was in the mountains I noticed that the bushes were covered and the air was filled with thousands and thousands of the little good luck charms, according to folklore.

I just returned from a week in the mountains (higher altitude) and did not see any ladybugs. Not sure if they left or if it was truly limited to the Jefferson County area. You can click on this link to see a sampling of the massive amounts of Ladybugs. http//media.smh.com.au/ladybugs-invade-colorado-629437.html

I must say, however, that the wild flowers are magnificent this year. I have never seen so many varieties. I had a wonderful week with family at Dory Lakes, just the other side of Black Hawk and celebrated my birthday, on Saturday, at Georgetown with my aunt. I did have one little incident and was taken to the emergency room at Boulder. After about 4 hours it was determined that I did not have a blood clot at that time and the pain had almost subsided. After warm, moist compresses the pain finally went away. They said that I did the right thing by getting it checked out since I seem to be a high risk for blood clots (due to my episode in October).

I am feeling relatively well and I am scheduled for another PET scan on August 6th. My CA125 (blood test) two weeks ago was up to 53 which is above the normal range. In April it was 20 and an indication that it was on the rise.

It was a birthday like no other. I received well over 50 cards from my church family alone. I thank you Father for close friends who help me build a stronger character and draw me closer to you.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13
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