Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have survived my first year with cancer

When concerns cloud our minds and steal our serenity, we often seek instant comfort through words of the world. But we’ve been given another means, and even better means: the complete package of God’s Word. And on those pages we will find peace beyond all earthly understanding. ~ from “God Things Come in Small Packages”

One year ago today, July 1st, was the start of my journey, better known as “Katherine's Cancer Journey”. No one knows for sure how long I had the cancer before I was diagnosed as Stage 3C. So, I consider this my first year of survival. I know - I know, everyone has set five years as the true survival rate. I look at it a little differently - each day, each month, or each year that I am alive is survival for me. I will turn 66 this month but instead of celebrating my birthday I want to celebrate the fact that I have made it one year living with a very aggressive cancer that has taken over my body.

I was reading another persons blog that has the same type of endometrial cancer that I have. I love this quote from her doctor so I took the liberty of borrowing it. "This is YOUR fight, not theirs. You will do as well as you think you will, do not believe in any statistics but your own! The statistics your are reading are old by the time you read them anyways. Keep positive!" ~ Dr. Jeremy Sturgeon
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