Saturday, September 5, 2009


I tried Facebook about a year ago and it just was not my thing. Several months ago I had a couple of invitations from cousins, so I thought about it, and decided to give it another try. But this time the only members on my Facebook would be relatives; nieces, nephews, aunt and cousins. My primary purpose for this was so that I could see pictures of all the cousins that I have lost contact with and their children and grandchildren as well. So far I have reconnected with 57 and that by no means is all of them.

This summer I was able to go on two vacations with cousins. It was such a joy to get to know their children and grandchildren. Now when I look at the pictures there is a connection. This is the real reason that I decided to do Facebook for family only. So far I love it and have enjoyed so many pictures of family members. It is better when I can put a name with the faces. Okay, so not all pictures are labeled and that is a good reminder to me - I will be going back and adding information so that you know "who is who" in the Crofford family.

The one thing that I have noticed when looking at all the pictures is that we have one beautiful family. Some of those that I knew as babies and toddlers I no longer recognize. When I was growing up, family was our social life. We lived in the country and there were many, many gatherings at our house. As in all families, some lived out of state and some moved out of state and over the years I lost touch. There were nine Burnell children and 28 first cousins. There are over 103 families and over 300 members on the web-site, but there are also a lot that are still not listed. I am in hopes that I can get everyone listed in the near future.
As I travel on life's pathway
Know not what the years may hold
As I ponder hope grows fonder
Precious memories flood my soul
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