Friday, January 8, 2010

Update on Mario and Ember

I have been back for eleven days now and I miss Mario horribly. But the good news is that he loves his new home and has taken over any normal routine that they once had. Mario is a character – there is just no other way to say it. Mario, and Ember as well, used to walk the bannister at the condo - I could not watch when they were doing this. Both of them had a hard fall at the deep end - at different times. They were very fortunate that neither one of them were hurt.

One of my biggest fears was Laurie’s new husband who does not care much for cats. They have been married a little over two years. He, of course, knew that Laurie had three cats and accepted that but still never really connected with them. One of her cats, Sienna, died shortly after they moved into their new house – liver cancer. One of her other cats, Mo, has had cancer for the past seven years with as many surgeries and chemotherapy treatments – he keeps charging on. And there is Nor, her black cat who could care less one-way or the other.

From the stories that I am hearing, I believe that Mario is fast becoming Craig’s buddy. He plays with Mario and the other two cats, every night when he gets home from work. There has been a good change in Craig as far as the cats are concerned. I don’t think he ever realized how much fun they could be. From some of the things he has said to Laurie, I know without a doubt that Craig cares what happens to my cats. I no longer have the fear that Craig will not accept them. Mario is happy and in a good home and that is what I care about.

The other fear that I had is that my cats are declawed and Laurie’s cats are not. All I could see is them getting into a fight and Mario (or Ember while she was there) would get torn up. So far no cat fights. Mario has taken to Mo (it took awhile for Mo) and sleeps close to him. He must know that he is sick. He likes to run up and down the steps with Nor. I knew he missed the steps. So to wrap this up – my fear is gone that the cats would not get along. I am convinced now that Mario is in the best place and being well taken care of, and I know when the day comes Ember will also do just fine in their home.

As for Ember, she has always been a little clingy and is much more so now that Mario is not around. She has pretty much stopped looking for him and I guess she knows it is just the two of us now.

One of my favorite little books is "Praying with Katie - God, My cat, and Me" by Don Holt. It is a whole different perspective on praying.
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