Sunday, February 7, 2010

Excitement all the time

Last night, Saturday, the 6th, the sirens just kept coming. I looked out my bedroom window, which is on the front side of building (West), and there were three fire trucks (2 of them ladder trucks) and at the corner there were two more trucks. All were pulling out there hoses. I walked to the living room and there were two more fire trucks on 26th street. Now there are seven fire trucks, two fire marshals and one paramedic’s truck.

No fire alarm has gone off in the building and I keep waiting for some kind of announcement. I look out my bedroom window again and all the firemen are standing in front of the building just looking at it. I opened the windows and I did not smell any smoke. I still have no idea what is going on.

Now, I am fortunate that I have a corner apartment and can see out on 26th street and on Osceola street. The people that live across the hall, from me, probably had no idea anything was going on because they over look the parking lots on their side of the building. I decided that I needed to make a phone call (to Rebecca) to let her know that something was going on but I did not know what. She laughed and said, “Just in case you don’t show up in the morning.” That is exactly what I had in mind. I just wanted someone to know – just in case.

After about an hour all of the firemen started folding up the hoses and putting them back on the trucks. None of the trucks left until everyone was ready to leave. I thought that was pretty neat. At this point I still don’t know what is going on and probably would not find out until Sunday.

On Sunday I leave at 7:30 am to go to church and I never see anyone on the elevators or in the lobby when I leave. This morning one of the gentlemen got on the elevator with me and I asked him what was going on last night. He said that there were some little kids in one of the apartments playing with a little rubber football and they lost it. Apparently it was in a lamp and I think you can figure out what happened. They must have called 911 directly and thus all the fire trucks.(Children do not live in this building so they must have been visiting.)

There are some positives from this experience. I know that the fire department takes these calls seriously and were very well prepared. That alone put my mind at ease about living in this building on the 15th floor. The other positive is that I am in an end unit and I would walk out my door and right on to the fire escape. My friend, Laurie, gave me a carrier bag for Ember, my cat, and it will slip right over my shoulder. It will be much easier to carry her down than a regular carrier, if the need ever arises. The fire escape is all cement steps with handrails.

Thank you Father God that all turned out well. I did sleep peacefully after all the commotion.
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