Monday, May 3, 2010

New PCP and PA

I had an appointment with my new PCP on Friday. My other PCP was Family Practice and my new one is Internal Medicine. What a difference a title makes. My new PCP was asking questions, has already talked with my oncologist and sent me an email. How fast is that – it is only Monday! I do believe that he is really interested in his patients.

In KC my doctor was Internal Medicine but when I joined Kaiser in July 2008, it was because I needed medical attention, fast, and could not be choosey about my PCP. I took the one that was available at the SW clinic.

Today, Monday, May 03, 2010, I had an appointment with the Neurosurgery Department about my back. My appointment was with a PA and I really liked her. She showed me the pictures of the MRI, which Imaging had put on a DVD for me. And, she showed me the x-rays and explained every detail. I went to an outside facility so I could get an open-sided MRI.

The fourth lumbar vertebra is out of line. They took x-rays with me leaning forward and backwards to see if the vertebra would line itself – it did not so it most likely will remain out of line. Osteoarthritis is very evident in the facet joints.

I told her that I was not interested in surgery but I would like for the pain to be reduced so that I don’t have to be on pain pills all of the time. Her suggestion was cortisone shots in both sides of the vertebra. I can have four a year and she said that they are very effective.

She will contact my new PCP and my oncologist to see how they feel about the Coumadin. If I have to be off of it for five days then it will interfere with my trip to Omaha because I will not be able to fly for five days after the injection. I may have to wait until I get back because I am not going to postpone my trip.

Isn’t our God wonderful that he has put people in our lives that can explain all of this to us? I praise Him everyday for my life. No one can take care of me like my God!

Sorry this is so long. I am sure there is more information here that you care about. But then again this is my journal so that I remember things.
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