Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prayer needs

Last August (2009) when I had my PET scan is showed that the endometrial cancer had metastasized and had gone to another lymph node and to the liver. And, my CA125 had gone up to 53 – outside of normal limits. In less than a month after that, September, I had a lumpectomy – right breast – caused by the needle biopsy. It was malignant but a different cancer than the endometrial cancer. Going on what I knew at that time I made the decision not to treat it since the endometrial cancer was spreading at a rapid rate as expected.

Six months later, (February 2010) my CA125 was back down to 15 and well within normal limits. The PET scan showed that the endometrial cancer was not active in the lymph nodes or the liver. There was a spot on my right breast that was undetermined. I guess in my mind I felt that it was not active either so I put off getting another mammogram.

When I had the x-rays on my back I decided to do the mammogram at the same time. After more mammograms, an ultra sound, a meeting with the radiologist, four needle biopsies, and a consultation with the breast surgeon, it has been decided that I do indeed need a mastectomy. I am already scheduled for June 7th.

As I talked with the surgeon I realized that now I have to make decisions based on the unknown. Will the endometrial cancer rear its ugly little head again soon, or will it be a year or two? Meanwhile do I want to die from breast cancer if there is a chance we can control it?

The diagnosis: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Grade III. (Lymphatic/vascular invasion.) If this has gone into the lymphatic system then there is a possibility that more chemo and/or radiation might be needed. I will make decisions as necessary.

The prayer needs come in to play because I am having a really tough time wrapping my mind around having a mastectomy. Right out of high school I worked in a private Pathology Laboratory for 16 years. I saw a lot and I learned a lot, and one of things that I conditioned myself to, was that “I never ever would have a mastectomy”. Now I find myself in that position and it is very difficult for me. Funny thing is – there is a lot of cancer on my mother’s side of the family, as you probably have read about – "but no breast cancer".

With your continued prayers and support I know that I can make it through this next round of cancer.

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