Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good news

I received some of my blood test results via email and I was almost afraid to open them for fear that they might show my cancer was active again.

The tumor marker for the endometrial cancer is the CA 125 - it was 12 the lowest that it has ever been. The normal range is <=34- u/mL.

My oncologist ordered a new tumor marker for the breast cancer - CA 27-29 - it was 23.0. The normal range is <=38.0- u/mL. I would like to see it lower but since it is within the normal range I will take it for now.

I don't shed tears often but they were tears of joy and I started thanking God. I know the blood test are only markers and not a sure-fire thing but they are a good indicator at what the cancer is doing. I have my PET scan on July 16th.

One more note on my fall the day I came home from the hospital. It finally dawned on me, just today. that I did not have my contacts in and was wearing my progressive glasses. I don't wear them very often and I don't do well with them on steps or curbs or in general. I guess with all the drugs in me and those silly glasses - well what can I say. Gotta blame it on something.

"We are not exempt from pain in this life, but God is attentive to our heart's cry and leads us beside the still waters of healing, where hope brightly blooms."
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