Saturday, July 31, 2010

Continuation of Story Time

It's Friday, July 30th, morning and Rebecca picks me up a 6:30 for my second round of Betadine treatment. The hospital was expecting me and I was taken to a private room and prepared for the treatment. The same nurse blew out another vein trying to start the IV and this was after wrapping my arm in a hot towel. The second nurse took her time and was successful. The antibiotic was started and then I was taken down to Interventional Radiology and given some more stuff so this would be a pain free procedure. Since the cavity was so large last time they were hoping to inject a smaller amount of Betadine this time. The radiologist started the injection and no Betadine would go in. He determined that there was no blockage in the tube and he tried again. He said that it was time to take it out - so he did. They put a compression bandage on me for three days and then everything should be okay.

All of the confusion from last week still remains with me. I was getting so many different stories of how many treatments this would be. Why couldn't someone just say that it would be 1-3 treatments and maybe more. How hard is that. What little drainage is still left should be absorbed by the body.

I guess if we prepare for the worse, then it is a true blessing when it is not as bad as we expected.

"God's ears are open to the desperate in heart. His eyes are aware of their need. Ask him to visit your most hopeless situation. God is always looking for a place to put a miracle."
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