Saturday, August 7, 2010


Just want to change the pace of my writings from cancer to cars. It is good to talk about something else - right? Well, I guess that all depends. I would like to be telling you that I bought a new fancy sports car. That is not the case - not on my budget.

Week before last someone left a note on my window saying I had a very low tire on the back. Not a problem I stopped and put air in the tire and then drove right to Peerless Tires to have it fixed and my tires rotated. I do this every 3,000 miles and it was time. I asked that they please check that back tire because I had just put air in it. They rotated the tires and said that my car was ready. I asked if they had checked that tire and they said that it was okay just low. I am looking kind of puzzled but they know their business, I'm thinking. Two days later I was back. The tire is now on the front and yes there was a nail in it. Grrrrr!

Last week I had the oil changed. Nothing unusual about this, I always have the oil changed at 3,000 miles. When I started to pay the bill, he said you have a couple of small leaks that need to be taken care of right away. What leaks? When he started explaining I told him that had just been done less than a year ago. He looked it up and it was in November. My 2001 Grand Prix has a bad GM motor in it and the gaskets go bad about every four years - lucky me. This is very expensive to have the gaskets replaced. It was still under warranty and they fixed it for no charge.

This week one day when I started the car the battery light was on. I made a call to see how serious this was and my friend, Steve, told me to go to Auto Zone and have the battery tested. He also said that it could be the alternator. They said the battery was bad so I bought a new one, met Steve, and he put it in for me. He returned with me to Auto Zone to make sure the refunds were made because it was a seven year battery replaced in five years. I told them that the battery light was still on. They checked the alternator and it was bad, but not that bad. I had errands to run so it was decided that we would take care of the alternator latter since the new battery would be okay for awhile. Have no idea how much charge was in the battery and I drove way down south to run my errands and on the way back home I new it was going to quit on me. And then a God thing happened. I was at 1st St and the lights went out. Steve lives right off of 1st St. I was hoping I could make it to his house. I didn't! The car stopped at the stop sign and right across the street, two houses up, was Steve's house. I hated to call Steve because he was at the hospital with his dad. I just didn't know what else to do. He said to leave the car sit there and he would take care of it when he got home. I walked down to his house and gave his wife my keys and a credit card and she took me home. I felt so bad leaving all this work for him. He was at the hospital for four hours and then had Life Group that evening and did not even get started on my car until late evening.

How do you say "thank you" to good friends. Only God knows what we need and he puts the right people in place each time. There is one young lady in the church that has helped me out on several occasions and when I tell her that I don't want to impose on her, she will say, "Don't you take my blessing away from me." And then I do understand.

"God has blessed you with his kindness. Why not pass it on? Kindness is always contagious. Start an epidemic where you live. All it takes is one to light the way."
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