Friday, September 3, 2010


"There are extraordinary moments in our lives when we are certain a Divine Hand has brushed our cheek, wiped our tears, and graced our hearts with a glimpse of eternity." ~Susan Duke

When I returned from Omaha I had an appointment with my surgeon. The seroma, this time, was only a third of what it has been so I feel that it is starting to slow down. I choose not to do another procedure with Interventional Radiology. My surgeon confirmed that I know my body better than she does and will respect my decisions. Although, she does get her little dig in each time about doing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I told her that "if" the cancer comes back I will deal with it. I just want to live as pain free and productive life as possible. When God is ready to take me home - He will!

Since there will not be a lot to report on my health at this time. I think I am going to write about my many blessings starting with my move to Denver in 1996 and the reason I moved. It will be in segments and one at a time because it probably will turn into a book. But this is my journal of my journey and it is the only one I have, so I will keep writing.
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