Friday, February 18, 2011


I have volunteered at my church for many, many years now and continue even through my cancer journey. I love being a volunteer and am so thankful that I have more time to devote to volunteering - it is so rewarding for me. I wish that more people would try it.

It is amazing how different my life style is now from two years ago. I know that life changes daily but when it is in one giant swoop, it is a little overwhelming. Many, many things have changed for me.

One of the most interesting, as of late, is forgetting to go to appointments. This has caused much embarrassment on my part because I am always punctual – always have been. I am not really sure what to attribute this new behavior to. One of my problems, and I am not making excuses, is that I am no longer a morning person. This happened, of course, when I was diagnosed with cancer – life changed – drastically.

For about a year now I work the front desk on Friday mornings. They have moved the shift up 30 minutes and I have to be down there at 7:30 am. Come on, that is way to early. Once last spring I forgot to go down on a Friday the 13th. After that I was off for a couple of months because of my surgery. When I went back I was doing fine with the hours, so I thought. Recently two out of three Friday mornings I forgot to go down stairs. Actually I forgot to set the alarm so I slept late both days. I love sleeping late everyday except for Sunday.

Both Friday mornings Laurie called me a little after 10:30, when my shift ends. The first one she wanted to know how my morning was going, and I said that I was playing with Ember. And then she said something about it being Friday morning and I couldn't believe it - I forgot to go downstairs. The next time Laurie asked if I got to work on time. I said, no I don't have to be there until 3:00 - I was helping out at the Valentine dinner at church Friday night. She said, I mean this morning. NO! Not again. I was totally stunned.

When I got a hold of Lynn to apologize he said, “Your not a morning person”. At least they did not fire me. Guess it is too hard to find volunteers.  I switched my shift with Lynn and I now work on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 pm. I think this is going to work much better for Francis Heights and especially me.

This probably has not been my most embarrassing moment by far, but it was still embarrassing enough. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I need to be more careful

On Tuesday I decided to make some potato chips. I am whizzing along slicing the potatoes and suddenly without warning I sliced off the side of my thumb. Ouch!! The bleeding went on and on. I started getting a little panicky, because I am on blood thinners, so I called Rebecca. I really needed someone to talk me down. We had a bad snowstorm overnight and I did not expect anyone to come help me. I knew they would do nothing in the ER – there was nothing to sew up.

I wrapped the thumb with lots of bandages and Neosporin but it just kept bleeding through. I even had a shamus wrapped around it and it filled with blood. Then I found the piece of skin and threw it away and continued fixing my potato chips. There were sure good in spite of all the action.

I took a pain pill and went a laid down thinking that might stop it bleeding. After a while I call Laurie because I knew she would make me laugh and I sure needed it. Before I went to bed I decided I had to change the glob that was around my thumb and put on fresh bandages and used an ice pack. By morning it had quit bleeding so I took a shower with the bandages on – thinking that would soften them to take off. The blood was so thick that it was still sticking, however it did not start bleeding again. I wrapped it again.

I was supposed to work at the church on Tuesday but there was no way to get out with the weather the way it was and look what happened! So on Wednesday I really did need to go so I went out and scraped the car at zero degrees and headed for the church. It had started bleeding again so I changed the bandage again.  It did not bleed the rest of the day.

I needed to do dishes and since it wasn’t bleeding I stuck my hand in the water to get rid of all the caked on blood. Oh my goodness! All I could do was hold my breath – you know what that is like - you have all been there at one time or another. It did not bleed anymore and I let it air overnight. I just put a band-aid and Neosporin on it to go work at the church. I did not hit it again hard enough to make it bleed today. Wow! What an adventure.

"We have often contemplated the suffering and death of Jesus Christ through... But did we ever stop to think just how truly, physically painful it must have been for Him to be whipped, crowned with thorns, bear the cross, and have iron spikes driven into our hands and feet?"