Friday, March 4, 2011

Clarification for my printed journal

Mary, Ann, Helen (on the wall) Betty, Bonnie,
Cissy, Joe, Mickie, Rita (Sister Johanna)
Now that I have printed my journal there are a couple of things that are very confusing as people read through it. Since it is my journal I never gave it any thought of the term “sisters”. My mother was the second oldest of nine children. There was one boy and eight girls. All are now deceased except for the youngest sister who is Sister Johanna Burnell. The confusing part is that Johanna is a nun, Sister of Mercy.

Two of my mother’s sisters died after I started my journal. Now the sisters that I talk about are Sisters of Mercy. Over Christmas 2010 when I was in Omaha, three Sisters of Mercy died. When I go to Omaha I stay with Sister Johanna and Sister Jeanne. As I was writing in my journal I never gave thought to how confusing this could be.

Laurie's Wedding Day
Myrlyn's 85th birthday on cruise in 2006
The second thing that is confusing - “Who is Laurie?” Laurie is owner of The Carousel Palette, which is an art studio in downtown Littleton. Kathy Heck, who went to South Denver Church takes classes from her. In 2003 I wanted to leave Sunrise Assisted Living and work independently. Laurie’s mother, Myrlyn, had a severe stroke, which left her paralyzed on her left side and in a wheel chair. When she returned home from rehab it was decided by the family that they needed someone with her around the clock. Kathy told me about it and I called Laurie and interviewed with her and Myrlyn. I was hired and started in January of 2004. I worked with Myrlyn full-time and part-time up until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. We became very good friends and we are like family. Laurie loves cats and has a cat that has been fighting cancer for many years now. When I was diagnosed with cancer I asked Laurie if she would take my cats when the time came and of course she was in agreement. She now has Mario and there would be “no way” I could get him back if wanted.

Laurie is the one that makes me laugh daily. And I need to laugh daily – everyone does! It is so healing. 
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