Sunday, April 3, 2011

What did I say about normal?

What was that I just said in my last posting, “Life is getting back to a much more normal pace as far as I can remember what that is like.” Hmmmm! What is normal? Exactly what fits into “normal”?

Saturday started out to be a beautiful day. I went walking at the lake, did a little shopping and then came back to the apartment. It was a little after three. That is when my newest adventure started.

We have two elevators in the building and one of them has been down for three weeks. They finally got it working on Friday (so it says in the small print). On Saturday that is the elevator that came and three of us got on. One resident got off the elevator pretty quickly and the second man got off on the 14th floor. The elevator started going up before the door closed. I said, “OH NO!” The door did shut and then the elevator started jerking really bad and then jolted to a stop. All of the lights went out on the panel. I am not sure exactly why there is an alarm on the elevator because no one answered it. I pressed the talk button and was connected to Otis, the elevator repair company. Keep in mind that this is a Saturday. The lady said she would send someone. I told her this was an emergency because I am claustrophobic. She said someone is on the way. Keep in mind that I do not trust her at this point!

I tried to push the fire alarm button and it did not work. I had my phone so I called security – no one answered. I called the front desk just hoping that someone would answer – no luck. Okay, I am starting to get a little panicky so I called Laurie, who knows about my claustrophobia. She absolutely could not believe that this was happening to me. Neither could I. She kept talking to me to keep me calm while her husband called the fire department. She stayed on the phone with me and occasionally she would say, “Katherine talk to me”.

The firemen did get there rather quickly, I think. It seemed like eternity to me. Finally one of them was knocking on the door and asked if someone was in there – yes! He said, “We are going to get you out.” They worked and worked and I was beginning to wonder if they were going to have to ax there way in. Finally two of them with crowbars of some kind got the door open. A couple of them helped me out of the elevator. It had stopped about two feet above the 16th floor and I had to jump down. I was shaking pretty bad and perspiring and on the verge of becoming hysterical. 45 minutes on an elevator for a claustrophobic is a long time, When they helped me off the elevator I said, “This is the 16th floor”. One of them asked where I lived - on the 15th floor.

There were four firemen and they were all very concerned about my condition. My blood pressure was high but I told them I was sure it would go back down when I calmed down. There were two ladies on that floor waiting to see who came out of the elevator. One of them went and got me a glass of water and the other one walked down the steps to my apartment. I would not get back on even the working elevator with the firemen.

Apparently Otis did show up after everything was over because I heard that they put the elevator back in service. No one from there came to me to see what had happened. I will be in the Property Manager’s Office first thing Monday morning.

Sometimes it is really hard to keep things in perspective and to remember that God is with us all the time through every trial we encounter. He was not going to let anything bad happen to me. I just needed to trust Him.
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