Saturday, July 2, 2011

My cousin Betty Kay has been reminiscing on Face Book about the “good ol’ times” when we would get together out in the country where my parents lived. Fourth of July always stands out because we were in the country and it was the perfect place to have a big picnic and shoot lots of fireworks. No Daylight Saving Time back then so it got dark earlier and we were able to shoot off the colorful fireworks…and that is after a day of the noisemakers.

I have been in Denver for fifteen years now and I do not get to see family as often as I would like. I have a family only FB page and that is how I get to keep in touch…with posts and pictures. Love those pictures of nieces, nephews, cousins, their kids and their kids.

The highlight of my days - when I receive a call from cousins saying they are coming through Colorado. Since I have moved to the apartment I don’t have room for people to stay but usually everyone is just passing through on vacation or just traveling. I have had breakfast with Tim and Cindy Robinson on their way back to Texas. And I have had lunch with Jim and Lindy Blessington on their way back to Kansas City. Johanna Schwed has been in Colorado Springs on several occasions on company business and we get a chance to meet for dinner in Castle Rock at least one night while she is here. That is a halfway point for each of us. Sister Jeanne was in Denver for a meeting and I had a chance to go have lunch with her one day before she went back to Omaha. Jackie Ireland and her friend Karen were trying out her new truck and came to Colorado. I was able to have dinner with them at Texas Roadhouse. Just this past week Steve and Julie Schwed stopped by on their way to Pikes Peak. We had time to go to Red Rocks and have dinner at the Morrison Inn. Several days later Tom and Marti Buehler stopped on their way to Kansas City. We got fish and chips from GBs and went over to the lake and had lunch. Each of these visits is only for a couple of hours but it is like a booster shot for me. Sister Johanna and Betty Kay have been out several times and Debbie Jones and Jackie Ireland were out several times while I was still in my condo. Kathy Jo Walker came to Loveland to be with one of her cousins for surgery but we were not able to get together except by phone.

Just remember that I now live a couple of miles off of I-70 and practically everyone uses I-70 while in Colorado. I would love to see as many of you as possible when you are passing through. Please don’t pass me by – time is short.

God Bless each and every one of you and have a safe and Happy 4th.

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