Friday, September 23, 2011

Gloria in the white jacket and me in the black jacket,
Ross driving the train.
My friend Gloria and I have coffee once a month just to catch up on each other’s lives. Tuesday was our day to meet so Gloria asked if I would like to take a day trip with her and her husband, Art.  A trip to Coal Creek Canyon proved to be a very memorable day. A friend of theirs had built a miniature railroad and had invited his friends to take a ride. I must admit that I did not know what to expect and neither did Art and Gloria. What fun we had as we took turns riding the rail. Their friend Ross is retired and built the whole thing in his spare time. It is really quite a setup as you can see from the pictures.

Ross has five acres in Coal Creek and a deep slope on his land. He built not only the train but all of the tussles and tracks. He has a huge workshop full of engines that he is working on. An actual turntable where he can turn the train around. All of it was unbelievable that one man could do all of this. It is right out behind his house. What a back yard.

What a house! Ross also built his house over 35 years. It is round with an enclosed walking porch all the way around it. It is in the background of the 2nd picture.

The group of friends that were there all graduated together from Arvada High School. How much fun it was listening to their stories, especially since I just missed my High School Reunion while I was on vacation the week before.

I was thinking of my little cousins Jack and Wyatt, and how they would have loved to be with me riding the rails.
This is the picture on our shirts with all of standing in front of the sign.
I finally got to take a vacation this year - one that had been in the planning since March. On Sunday, 9-11, I flew to Portland Oregon with some friends, then on to Seaside Oregon for the week. The weather turned out to be very cool even on the days it was predicted to be a little warmer. The sun did peak between the clouds a couple of times and we were able to shed our jackets. The water was extremely cold and I only walked into it one time. Little James on the other hand loved it and the cold water did not stop him. Nancy and I did lots and lots of walking while Randy, Sherry, James and Katie went on a tour of the waterfalls and then to the sand dunes one day. They saw magnificent scenery. Little Katie was getting over a broken arm and just had her cast off the day before they left for Seaside. I think she was possibly still favoring it a little bit - only noticeable in the picture.

Randy and Sherry Whitehill, Nancy Johnston,
me on the bike, James and Katie Whitehill

Two years ago I went to Seaside Oregon with the same friends. We had our picture taken together under the sign.Well, Nancy took that picture and T-shirts made for all of us in different colors. Well yes, we had our picture taken together again this year with our T-shirts on. It was a lot of fun. Thank you Nancy. 

Ember stayed with Laurie while I was gone. Laurie picked her up after I left on Sunday and she brought her back home Saturday, the 17th, before I got home. She was so happy to seem me and became glued to me the first couple of days back. What a sweet heart she is – I missed her just as much.
To my wonderful friends and a wonderful vacation:
Thank You
A kindness done is never lost. 
It may take awhile, 
but like a suitcase on a luggage carousel, 
it will return again.”
~H. Jackson Brown