Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Your cancer is treatable is not the same as your cancer is curable."

It seems that almost weekly I hear of someone I know or the loved one of someone I know who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We have fundraisers for every kind of known cancer. I believe that Susan G Komen as been going on for over 40 year now, (I think) collecting millions and millions of dollars each year. Are we winning this battle against breast cancer? Are we winning the battle against any of the cancers?

First I would like to say that I give all the glory to God. There are still miracles happening in today’s world…I am one of them. If we just open our eyes and listen we can see them and feel them and experience them for ourselves.  We have to be willing to listen and research. I agree that there are a lot of waco treatments out there and that is the reason that you have to research for yourself. You have to really want this miracle and you have to depend on God to give it to you. It can be done…it is very real. A negative attitude does not help because we all know that God works in His own time – not ours.

Cancer has no age limit, babies, toddlers, children of all ages, adults of all ages…it is always a shock when someone is diagnosed. Cancer ran swift in my mother’s side of the family and after watching my younger brother go through his cancer and treatments, which did nothing for him; I made the decision that I would never do Chemo or radiation therapy. I learned, “Never say Never.”

I found out that they did not know how to treat my cancer because of the lack of studies on this rare endometrial cancer…they did not know for sure what would work or what would not work…so 12 days after surgery they rushed me right into Chemo…. I thought I must be dying and wished I could. When I refused the last Chemo treatment they wanted me to start on radiation right away…NO way! They finally admitted that they could not reach the Para-aortic lymph node with radiation or additional surgery. That is when I told them I was finished…I wanted “quality” of life over “quantity” of life. I was not going to lie in that bed and die until it was time for God to take me.

Had I done nothing I would not be here today writing this. Instead I took the advice of my best friend, Rebecca, who was with me every step of the way on this journey. She suggested the Acid/Alkaline diet. I researched and researched and it made since to me. What I found out by checking my pH level every day is that my body was the perfect breeding ground for cancer cells – extremely acid. My cancer was spreading to another lymph node and to my liver. (I had breast cancer from the very beginning but they put that off until the endometrial cancer was in control.)

In February of 2010 my PET scan showed that my cancer was not “active”…six months later it was still not active. Today it is not active. I am faithful at keeping my body at an Alkaline level. I am still not an angel about the foods that go in my mouth but I make sure that I get my body and keep my body Alkaline. Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline body. I have posted several things on my blog about the Acid/Alkaline diet so please, please pass on my blog address to anyone you know that has been diagnosed with cancer. They don’t have to bore themselves with the whole blog just the last several months when I am trying to reach everyone I can.

Remember that God sends us angels, like Rebecca, to help us get through these rough times. She was God’s messenger to me and I will be forever grateful. All of us, with God’s help, can make it through this battle. (There were many, many angels in my life through this journey, too many to name them all.) My other loyal angel/friend Laurie made sure she made me laugh everyday - laughter is the best medicine.

Thank you Father God for giving me life and the fight to want to help others. I know that not everyone will listen and it will be too late for others. But Father I do know that there is a way besides Chemo and radiation therapy. If we will just look at this realistically we know that you will not steer us in the wrong direction. If we think about it and we are dying with cancer – what have we got to lose by trying the Acid/Alkaline diet?

Thank you for Your miracle in my life.
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