Sunday, May 13, 2012

The day of the relay, 5-12-12, 6:00 on through to 5-13-12, 7:30 am (Mother’s Day)

I was really looking forward to this day but it was obvious that the weather was not going to cooperate. It did not rain all day Saturday...looking good. The event was to start at 6:00 pm and it started raining at 5:30 and it was cold. I did not want to wear my coat while I was stopped raining just before it was time for the opening so I did not have to worry about holding the umbrella and the microphone. Rebecca did video my talk but I am not sure how it will come out because of the feedback from the sound system. I guess it will be better than nothing. I will get it out as soon as she has time to work on it.

I borrowed a large tent from the church and Mike brought his pop-up camper...with a heater. The tent was on the football field and the pop-up was in the parking lot. We were not allowed to anchor the tent with stakes because of the turf on the field. Periodically the wind would pick up and I was not sure it would stand all night.

The rains came...along with the lightening and thunder. They had to clear the field and sent everyone to the auditorium to wait it out for about an hour. I stayed in the pop-up and Laurie and Craig sat in the truck. Not sure how safe any of us were but it seemed that the lightening stopped as soon as every one left the field...we still had to wait. We finally started walking again with sprinkles on and off but it was so cold.

Laurie and Craig only live about a mile from the high school so they went home for a couple of hours and I tried to sleep in the tent on the field. I wasn’t cold but the majority of walkers were high school kids and it was really noisy. After about 45 minutes I went back out walked some more and went up to get some hot tea. I saw that Tim, Andrew and Julianne were walking again and Karen was sitting in the bleachers...I sat there with her for awhile. Then when Julianne did 10 miles and Andrew 13 miles they decided to leave. Tim and Karen said they were going to leave also. Tim probably did 13 miles also because he was keeping up with Andrew (his son-in-law). Stephanie was on the field walking and saw us. Not sure how many miles Mike, Stephanie and Rachel walked. At that time I said that I was ready to leave but I was responsible for the tent and I could not take it down by myself. Tim and Andrew had that tent down in no time. I called Laurie and said the tent is down and we are leaving. Mike was up above closing up the pop-up. Craig and Laurie got back and picked up all of there stuff and we were out of there around 2:30 am. There were other people leaving also.

Since Laurie and Craig live so close to the high school they went back at 5:00 am and all of the tents were down. They were serving the free bagels and hot chocolate and there were no closing ceremonies.

All-in-all it was a very nice event but it was not what I had in mind. I thought it might be a little chili and we could sit around outside and play cards, etc and have snacks. No chance of that.

The team did really good for our first year and raised almost $800. I raised $210 but not all of it got credited to me....that is okay it all goes to the same place.

I had people stopping me all evening while I was walking and thanking me or asking questions. Two high school girls walked up beside me and thanked me and said they wanted to walk a lap with me...then thanked me when we got around.

Steve Heese, my pastor, said that God received the applause...and that is exactly what I was hoping for.
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