Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Journey is on a new course

I have wanted to get a job, needed to get a job financially, and applied for an "almost" perfect position about a month ago. A friend called and said that they were looking for a part-time receptionist where he worked. It is an assisted living facility and right up my alley. I did go right over and applied for the position. Turned out that it was a part-time position but it was three, ten hour days. Not exactly ideal but I would have taken it. Oh well, I never even heard back from them. It is obvious that my age gets in the way.

It is so amazing that God knows what we need and when we need it more than we do.

On April 16th I took my little Ember (cat) to the vets because she had not been eating for a couple of weeks. The vet was so impressed and what good health she was in, and the dentist also, that they did not draw blood which is what I really wanted. The not eating continued and I tried one cat food after the other to include baby food (chicken). I could get her to eat a bite but that was all. Then I realized that she was not drinking that much water either. I found a vet near where I live, Planned Pethood Plus, and I took her there on May 13th. My vet, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, was wonderful. He took the time to get to know Ember and her history of idiosyncrasies, she is a very different little cat. She had lost 2 lbs and weighed only 8.6 lbs. He checked her over, drew blood, gave her fluids and said that would call me in an hour with the results of the blood work. He determined that it was not liver failure but thought it could possibly be pancreatic. When he called he told me that she was in renal failure and that we could work with this. I took her back in the next day and learned how to give her the infusions of fluids. She will be on them the rest of her life, every third day. She did start eating and drinking water immediately after the first infusion. However, the problems came when it was time for me to do it. Between the two of us we became so upset that I could not infuse her - she would squirm and the needle came out. There was more fluid all over the room than there was in her. I tried several times and finally called some friends and they came over and we got it done but she was so stressed out. I decided that I would just take her back to the vets to let them infuse her. It works out so much better. They are only a couple of miles from the apartment.

This is where God comes in once again. He knew that I could not deal with a job of that many hours and take care of Ember also. As far as the job that I need desperately - I will continue looking for something where I can work from home.

When God closes one door I shall pray in the hallway until He opens another door.

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