Monday, August 10, 2009

PET Scan results

On Thursday, August 6th, I had a PET scan to find out just where the cancer is going or if it is moving at all. The cancer is still progressing and is in two lymph nodes now behind the stomach at the aorta. There is a new spot showing and it is on my liver. It is assumed that it is the endometrial cancer. There is no reason to do a biopsy since I have elected not to do additional chemo, or radiation. I knew that the cancer would be on the move, it was just a matter of where it would go first. Now I know!

The breast cancer is showing more than before so that means it is progressing. It had been pretty stable until I let them do the biopsy. I did not have a lump before the biopsy but I do now. The doctor said that it would go away, however it has not and it does hurt. I will make an appointment with the general surgeon to see what can be done. I see no reason to be visibly uncomfortable just yet.

There are times when our sadness and grief overwhelm us to the point of hopelessness. But even when healing seems out of reach, God is reaching out. scooping us into his arms, speaking through claps of thunder, "I am here." (from "God Things Come in Small Packages")
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