Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breast Surgery

I did have my breast surgery on August 28th as planned. I cannot believe that I was allergic to the tape or to the stuff they stuck the tape on with - it was a real sticky consistency. I thought I was going to pull skin off with bandage or that I might never get it off. Finally, it came off after several days and the rash lasted several more days after that. Since the doctor put in dissolvable stitches the discharge orders said to let the steri-strips come off gradually keeping them trimmed. I have had these before and never had a problem. Believe it or not they would not come off. More than a week after the surgery I woke up itching and had a horrible rash from steri-strips. I tried every kind of greasy ointment to get them to come loose - nothing but the very edges of just some of them would loosen. A friend told me to use olive oil - no it didn't work either, however it did stop the itching - go figure. I knew that the incision had to be healed so, last night, I ripped them off one-by-one. Yes, I have another rash to deal with.

I had a follow-up appointment for Wednesday (tomorrow) but it has now been cancelled. The doctor just called with the results and we talked on the phone. When he removed the mass (left because of the needle biopsy) he said that he was able to remove the majority of the cancer but that the margins are not clear. The tentacles of the cancer are still in the breast. My option is a mastectomy, chemo and/or radiation. If I want the mastectomy we would go ahead and schedule it. If I want chemo and/or radiation that I needed to talk with my oncologist.

I think they are all aware that as long as the cancer is in my lymphatic system and my liver that I only had the lump removed because it was so painful. I plan on standing by my earlier decisions about no additional treatment.
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