Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The saga continues…

In February when I had my PET scan it showed that there was a spot on my right breast, diagnosis undetermined. The surgeon’s office called me numerous times to get another mammogram, which I put off and put off. Finally when I went for my back x-rays on April 19th, I decided to have my mammogram on my right breast. They did both breast because it had been over a year. A couple of days later I received a call that they need to do more mammograms and an ultrasound.

I made another appointment for April 27th and when I got there they said they needed more films on both breast. Yes, I did manage to stay calm. They did the films and the radiologist looked at them and said he did want an ultrasound, both breast. After the ultrasound I met with the radiologist and he showed me the films. The left breast has two spots, which they determined to be fluid cyst – no problem. The right breast does have a spot that he wants a needle biopsy on. When they call to make the appointment I will be sure that I do not have the same person that did my last needle biopsies.

On Friday I have an appointment with my new PCP – just a consultation. If I like him I will continue with him. My main focus right now is to get off of the Coumadin. I am not sure which doctor really put me on it but it was supposed to be for one year and it is well over a year now.

I am so blessed to have all of you praying for me and I ask that you continue to pray that there is no cancer. "God sends us friends to love and lift our spirits high."
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