Friday, July 31, 2009

Dory Lakes Vacation - July 2009

Johanna, my aunt, reserved the lodge at Dory Lake for the the week. My cousin Mary Pat and her daughter and son-in-law and their three children joined us. They took off each day and everyone went their own way. My cousin Johanna and her dad, uncle Larry were traveling through Colorado and spent a day with us.  Johanna is a common name in our family and there were five of us present at Dory Lakes. What fun we had. It was such a good time. I took Johanna, my aunt, to Mount Lindo so she could see my resting place. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the beauty as well as the peace and quiet.

And then one afternoon - I knew that I had a blood clot when I was rushed to Boulder to the hospital. The pain had been going on for 4-5 hours before I told anyone, but I knew what was happening. By the time I left the hospital another 4 hours later the pain had subsided. I was really puzzled about what was going on. You can not mistake the pain of a blood clot once you have been through one. And then, I ran across this article on Altitude Illness. It was a wonderful article about what actually happens when we change altitude. I would have never guessed that it would cause thrombophlebitis, but it actually made sense after reading the article. I caught it in time and getting to the lower altitude helped until I was told by the ER to use moist heat packs. This is just a short sentence that caught my eye in this article. "Studies have shown that there is an increased tendency for blood to thrombose (clot) in arteries and veins at high altitude." If you would like to read more about Altitude Illness, check out the site -

There is always something funny if you look for it. When I go to Dory Lakes it is with my aunt. The last time we were at Dory Lakes was ten years ago. I was napping one afternoon and my aunt woke me and said that she need to get to the hospital. She was having numbness in her arm and her breathing was very labored. The doctor said that she needed to get to a lower altitude and stay there. So, ten years later she decided that she could probably handled it if she really paid attention to what her body was telling her. This time (ten years later) I woke her from a nap and said that I needed to get to the hospital. At the moment, of course, it was not funny, but as we looked back on it we had a good laugh. Maybe we will try it again in another ten years.
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