Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A very difficult decision

I have been concerned about Mario, my cat, because of the confinement of the apartment. He gets no exercise and it has been very hard on him. He is a big cat and already weighed about 14 ½ lbs when I moved in May. I am sure that he is about 16 lbs now. He loved running up and down the steps and through the condo. He used it like a racetrack.

The lady that will take my cats when I can no longer care for them, Laurie, kept the cats at her house the two weeks I was gone. Before I left we talked and decided that if Mario adjusted well at her house with her two cats that she would just go ahead and keep him. Mario did well and there were no catfights, which really surprised me. So Laurie is keeping him.

Laurie brought Ember back to the apartment just before I got here on Tuesday morning. She was under the bed and did not come out for about 45 minutes. I talked to her continually while I unpacked and put the luggage away along with her carrier. When she finally appeared it took another hour to get her to really make up with me. She usually gets upset when I am gone for a week but this time she was doubly upset. She has made up with me now and does not leave my sight she follows me everywhere. She knows that something is not right and continues to look for Mario.

I stayed home all day and have cried on and off. I miss Mario so much but I do know that it is a decision that I had to make for him. He has steps again and a large house to run in – even bigger than the condo. He has windows to look out on the ground floor, that is a totally different view than the 15th floor. I have no doubt that he will be happy there.
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