Sunday, February 5, 2012

How I Am Surviving My Cancer

Happy Valentine's Day
My journey started in July of 2008. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that was metasisizing and my outlook was not good. I decided to stop treatment after my fifth chemo treatment; it just was not worth it to me. I decided on quality of life over quantity of life – no more treatments of any kind.  I put my life in God’s hands. Only He could bring me through this.
I was given lots and lots of advice about different treatments that someone or another heard would work –I was not willing to spend money on something that was not proven. The Acid/Alkaline diet was mentioned to me so I started researching it. It made sense and so I bought my first book.
Many people are asking me to send them my diet for themselves or someone they know. It is not that easy. Everyone has to research it for themselves and make their own decisions on what kinds of food they eat. I have to work around the green vegetables because it would be too much vitamin K and I am on Coumadin. That is one reason people have to follow their own plan on the Acid/Alkaline Diet.

My suggestions to anyone interested in following this plan:

1st of all - Purchase the book "Alkalize or Die" by Dr Theodore A Baroody. That is the best starting point that I know of.
2nd - This diet was not suggested by my doctors - they know nothing about it and are scratching their heads trying to figure out why my cancer is not active. I did 5 rounds of chemo and then refused further treatment and did my own thing. I just recently told my internist what I was doing and he just smiled.
3rd - If you like fruits and vegetables you will survive this diet - it is not hard to follow and it did save my life. Most all fruits and vegetables are Alkaline and everything else is Acid. This does not mean that you cannot eat Acid foods - it is a 20/80 diet. And no, citrus fruits are not acid - they are alkaline.

I will give you some real quick suggestions. Give up sugar altogether - cancer lives on the sugar in our bodies. No sugar, no bread products, no dairy products. If you do eat these items it has to be in very extreme moderation - not more than 20% a day. Read labels - everything has sugar in it but you can find your favorite items if you just keep reading the labels. No more fast foods.
As you will find out when you read the book that cancer cannot live in an Alkaline body, but thrives in an Acid body.

The key to staying Alkaline is to test every day. I have pH strips and I make sure my body stays Alkaline.

The real key is to research, research, and research some more. I cannot stress that enough - I still research even after two years of being on this diet. By this means you will decide figure out which are the best foods to consume for cancer and out of that you will discover the foods that you really like. This is the way I will live the remainder of my life.
In the past several months I have put several postings on my blog. That is where I send most people. To read the whole thing would probably be very boring but it is the journey of my cancer - my journal.

I give the Glory to God. It is because of Him that I consider myself a miracle. That is so nice to say, “I am one of God’s Miracles.” For the second time, I feel very honored.
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