Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PET Scan results from 2-5-10

As you all know from reading my blog that I made a decision, well over a year ago, to do no further treatment for my cancer. Since that time I have been watching the cancer on six-month intervals by repeating the PET scan and the CA 125 (blood test). During surgery they could not get to the aortic lymph node and decided to close me up. The Chemotherapy did not kill the cancer in the lymph node and there were no other options. I did ask about Cyber knife and that was not an alternative. Even radiation to that lymph node would not have reached it. I made my decision for no more treatment through prayer (and all of your prayers), much studying and reading and through common sense of knowing what I could tolerate.

My last PET scan, the first week of August 2009, showed that the cancer had moved to another lymph node (now there are two involved) and there was a spot on my liver. When cancer is in the lymphatic system it is hard to kill and it will continue to spread to other vital organs. We also know that cancer grows rapidly once it moves to the liver. I was waiting on the test results to see how far it had spread.

On Tuesday evening, the 9th, I received a call from my oncologist. I took a deep breath to listen to what he had to say. He started off telling me about the CA125 and that it had gone down and was within normal limits. Then he proceeded to tell me that the cancer was no longer active in the lymph nodes or the liver. I kept saying, “Are you sure”? That is when he just started reading me the report. There is a calcified spot on my lung that has been there since day one and they are not worried about that. And there is still a spot on my breast that is “undetermined” at this time. I am in total shock while talking to him and still am.

The oncologist is obviously very confused by these results also, and wanted to know what I was doing differently. “Was I doing alternative methods?” I told him that I had changed my diet somewhat and that I had lots, and lots of people praying for me. And, that I have taken all the stress out of my life. He finally said, “What ever you are doing, keep doing it!”

He does want me to follow-up on the spot on the breast. He mentioned an MRI and I said that would not happen unless they can put me to sleep to do it. Then he suggested following up with another mammogram. I also will follow with another PET scan in six months.

He did tell me that I am not in remission that this can go either way. I forgot to ask about the severe backaches but I can learn to live with them and I will catch him later on this issue.

There is no way to thank all of you for your prayers - and your friends that have been praying for me. Just know that God is in charge and he loves each and every one of us as if we were the only person on earth. My heart is about to burst out of my chest right now. I love you
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