Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"He's Back"

I went to see Mario on Sunday, January 31st and he was still not up to par. He would play, but not much. On Sunday night he decided to sleep on the bench by Laurie's bed, upstairs instead of in the sick room.

Monday morning Mario woke up early and started running through the house, playing, and jumping up on everything. All Craig could say was, "He's back." We were all so thankful that he finally turned that corner. When I say that Mario gets up early, I mean between 2-4 am. Then he likes to sleep most of the day.

I know that Craig and Laurie have only had him since December 16th, but they both love him as much as I do.

On Sunday just before I left, Craig asked me if I would like to have another black cat. I noticed that he did not ask me if I wanted Mario back - even after all the dollars they have spent on him the last two weeks.

One thing about that little character is that he will steal your heart.
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