Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Viral Infection

On Thursday morning, October 23rd, I woke about 3:30 am with a sever sore throat to the point that I could hardly swallow. I looked on my list of chemo signs to beware of and the sore throat was listed. I called the chemo dept at 8:40 and they advised seeing my PCP right away and having a CBC drawn to see if I was neurtropenic (low white blood cells) - I was. They did a strep test and it was negative so they decided it was viral and there was nothing they could really do for it since I was not running a fever. They prescribed Rocky Mountain Mouth Wash (for chemo patients) - it didn't help. If I start coughing then come back. And, stay away from sick people.

On Saturday I had to make another trip to to the doctors office - I was coughing. They finally gave me an antibiotic and cough medicine which seemed to help a little but I was still waking up every morning with a severe sore throat. I finally took things into my own hands and started taking my ever faithful Sudafed. It started working.

I looked up sore throats in chemo patients on the internet and got more information than I had ever hoped for. Seems sore throats are common in some chemo patients especially if you are prone to getting sore throats - which I am.
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