Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mario is no longer mine!

The last two times that I saw Mario, he would have nothing to do with me. Oh yes, he would rub on my legs but he does that to everyone. Other than that all he would do is hiss and growl at me if I tried to pick him up. Laurie's other two cats, Mo and Noir, were happy to get my attention.

Ember stayed with Laurie while I was in Omaha - Mario and Ember did not get along. It has only been six months, but what a difference it has made. I guess Mario thought that Ember was invading his new territory. Maybe he thinks I have come to take him back to the small apartment where there is no room to play and only windows to look out.

Mario gets to go out in the back yard everyday to play and if Craig is out there working Mario sits and watches him - stays right with Craig like a little puppy dog. Amazing!! He has a great time out there as long as it is not wet. You know he cannot get his little feet wet. He is funny about that. He has finally learned to eat wet cat food but only the expensive kind. What do you expect - he once was mine.

Ember was glad to get back home where she felt safe. After all she was up against three large male cats. That would be scarry for any little girl. I have decided to keep her at home when I have my surgery. I will miss her too much if I am here and she is not. She sticks pretty close to me at all times. I think she loves me - a lot! Or, is it because we are in close quarters - hmmmm!
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