Friday, May 28, 2010

Omaha Trip - May 17-27 2010

Two years of planning my trip to Omaha to check out graves on my dad's side of the family in Falls City Nebraska finally happened after much delay. The original trip was planned for October of 2008 - it did not happen. That is the year I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Now over a year and a half later it finally happened.

The day that I arrived in Omaha, Johanna (my aunt) and I checked out two cemeteries in the area and I did find a couple of grave sites. On Wednesday we headed for Nebraska City for a two night stay at the beautiful Lied Lodge. Well, as luck would have it it started raining and did not stop - no chance of going to the cemeteries in Falls City which was about an hour away. Because of the rain we tried to do things in Nebraska City. We went to the Arbor Day Farm but did not get to tour the grounds, but we did get our trees. That was on Thursday. On Friday we checked out, had lunch and then toured the J Sterling Morton Mansion. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out. Then we headed back to Omaha and Jo and Betty headed back to KS and MO.                                  

As wonderful as it was the most excitement we had was when Jo found some "joints" behind the dresser. She was on the floor, on her knees, trying to plug in a computer when she found them. I must say that I have never seen Jo so upset. She called for a manager to come to their room immediately. The manager was appalled and she came back up with free drink tickets, desert tickets, and free cables if we needed them for our computers. We did have a good laugh over it.

When Johanna and I arrived back in Omaha it was not long and I realized that I did not have my wallet and figured it must be in Jo's car. It was. Uncle Larry said that I did that on purpose just so that I could see him. Jo and uncle Larry drove back on Saturday and met us in Squaw Valley (half way point for all of us) and we had lunch. And, most importantly I did get to see uncle Larry.

It turned out that once we were at Squaw Valley we were not far from Falls City and it was not raining so I did get to go to Steele Cemetery after all. It was a beautiful cemetery but it was so windy that we could hardly walk through it. The headstone that I wanted to find was Katherine Crofford, my dad's mother who died in 1921. I am also named after her. We found the spot but there were no headstones for her or her 4 month old son, Melvin. However, there was a beautiful large headstone with only "CROFFORD" on it right where Katherine and Melvin were buried. My mission was accomplished. We did look around and found a few other Croffords that I am sure I am related to but am not familiar with their names.

On Sunday we went to mass at St John's Church on the campus of Creighton University. What a magnificent church. I took lots of pictures. I am not sure why it is not called a cathedral. It is so beautiful on the inside. Absolutely breathtaking.

I was so disappointed when it started raining but it turned out to be a wonderful trip and I had such a great time with my cousins Betty and Jo, and my aunt Johanna.

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