Monday, July 19, 2010

Rollin' the cat

My little girl likes to play on the bed while I am trying to make it, or I should say she used to play on the bed. I am not sure what happened but she kind of quit doing that until just recently. I purchased a new set of sheets and they were a very light color and all of the sudden I could see black cat hair all over the top sheet. Needless to say, "I can't have that." So, I got the lint roller out and was rolling over the sheet when appeared my black cat and she wanted to play. I rolled it over her once thinking that would be all it took and she would be gone. Wrong - she loved it and now it is our daily routine to get rolled when I make the bed. Sometimes I am not fast enough for her and she stands on the bed looking at the night stand where I keep the roller.

Ember is so little (10 lbs) and her hair is very fine. It does little good to comb her or brush her because I am not going to get enough hair out of her to make a difference. The lint roller works great and now my fear is that I might get too much hair out and she will be bald. Do you think that could happen? Hmmmmm!
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