Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy "100" Birthday Helen

There were "100" lit candles on the cake. Good thing Helen did not have to blow them out all by herself - she is a tiny little thing. Everyone at the table helped!

On Monday afternoon, Francis Heights had a birthday party for Helen’s
100th Birthday. She is an amazing woman and is certainly spry for being 100. Helen does use a walker now after breaking her hip last year. She quit driving when she was 92 and moved to Denver from Kansas City MO where she was a nurse at Shawnee Mission Hospital in Shawnee Mission KS. I told her that I worked right down the street from her at St Joseph Hospital in the early 80’s. I doubt that she worked until she was 92 – I did not have a chance to ask. Helen’s daughter works at for Francis Heights in some capacity and that is why she brought her mom out here.

At the party, which was in Claire Villa dining room, Helen got up and went to every table to great everyone that came to celebrate her. There were no gifts that I could see, but then what would you get for someone who is 100 years old. Can you imagine all that she has seen in her lifetime? Wow!

We have another lady that lives in the building that writes for the “El Semanario” neighborhood paper and she wrote a wonderful article about Helen along with pictures.

I made her a card that simply said, “If I told you once, I have told you a 100 times”, and then on the inside just Happy Birthday Helen -  I hope she liked it.

We always talk about it being such a small world – it really is!

I pray that God blesses Helen with many more viable years.

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